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Kalka Group of Institutions provide the best Modern Infrastructure, the best curriculum and the best environment for the development of its students. The teachers put in full dedication in achieving the target of providing holistic education to children.

Right from the beginning, the philanthropic attitude, to empower society through Education and provide Education from KG to PG-Kalka Group of Institutions have proved that all Education can be provided under one roof, and thus emerged a number of schools, colleges under it in India and abroad. It has established itself as one of the leading educational societies committed to value based and affordable education to our growing population. The management's modern ideology combined with good infrastructure in its schools and colleges has made these institutions enviable.

Kalka Public School, has a unique place under the Kalka Group of Institutions. Being the first and foremost school started under the aegis of its society it has the inherent quality to grow and develop. In its constant effort to work and build, to attain its goal as per its motto “Knowledge to Perfection”, the school is steadly moving to make it a role model school equipped with good infrastructure coupled with modern technology and a band of good staff members headed by enlightened leaders.


All children inherently love to learn. Learning for children is like a discovery of the self and yearning to share tat discovery with peers, teachers and responsible citizen of the world community, schools need to provide much more than syllabus and examination oriented education. A holistic upbringing and learning experience that makes education entertaining.


  • To prepare children to become seld reliant and productive individuals.
  • To inspire children to embrace challanges.
  • To find joy and self worth though achievement.
  • To narture clarity, precision and independence.
  • To kindly the imagination of learners and develop their creative skills.
  • To sensitive them about society.

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