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It has been rightly said that,

“Motivation is what gets you started;

Habit is what keeps you going.”

Students, when they are motivated to, are more excited to learn and participate. One way to motivate students is to give them rewards and recognition for their learning and participation.

With this belief, KALKA PUBLIC SCHOOL has initiated Star of the Month which culminates to Student of the Year.


We select a student as Star of the Month on the following parameters.

1. Discipline

2. Participation (school & co curricular activities)

3. Empathy (being helpful)

4. Leadership (responsible, Initiative & motivator)

5. Social Skills (friendly nature & mannerisms)

The student who is the Star of the Month is also the Class Representative of that month.


Student of the Year is the recognition given to the students for their exemplary performance in the following criteria. They would be graded on a scale from 1 to 5 (5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest)

1. Attendance

2. Academics (performance in the monthly test, completion of classroom & homework)

3. Participation (class activities & co curricular activities)



Grade 1  - Nishant Kevat
Grade 2 
 - Arush Upadhayay
Grade 3 
 - Saumya Gupta
Grade 4  - Bhumin
Grade 5  - Pravesh Saini
Grade 6  - Aditya Chawdhary
Grade 7  - Darshil
Grade 8  - Aditya Saini and Gopika
Grade 9  - Bhoomika


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